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Macodes is a moderately warm orchid. The optimum temperature is +22-25°C, with a tolerable rise to +30°C and a cool down to +18°C. This is suitable for year-round cultivation because the plant feels very well in the culture without a dormancy period. Bear in mind that flowering is not possible under these conditions. If the owner wants to see the inflorescence, the Macodes needs to be kept at +18-20 °C for two to three weeks.

Each flowering drains the plant, so it's better not to force the orchid to waste its energy, especially since the flowers of Macodes are of little ornamentation.

In nature, high-growing neighbours provide Macodia with protection from direct sunlight; in culture, the orchid also needs diffused sunlight and a 12-14 hour daylight hours. The use of phytolamps will **** to meet the needs of the plant in the absence of natural light.

Water Macodes with settled room temperature water. The procedure should be done in the first half of the day. In summer the orchid will take a hot shower, after which you should blot the leaves with a tissue paper to remove the moisture. Do not allow the soil to dry out. The plant needs an air humidity of 40-60% and full ventilation.

Fertilize Macodes once a month exclusively with special fertilizers for orchids, reducing the concentration by 2-4 times.

From late spring to early autumn, it can be kept outdoors and protected from strong sun, rain and wind.

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